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"Hats (my crowns) make me feel completely dressed, confident, and classy. - Connie Russell


I was around seven years old when I begin to notice my mother's passion for hats. Although seeing hats worn by the ladies in the church every Sunday was the norm, I never understood the big deal. I just assumed it was part of their wardrobe. My mom's hat was the last thing she would put on. It was like the ultimate finale of her outfit. But one Sunday morning, while watching my mom do her hair, put on her make-up and then her hat, something transformed. It was my mom! Her entire attitude changed once her hat was cocked on the side of her head. It was like the metamorphosis of the black butterfly. Her back straightened up, there was a strut in her walk and I think each stair step turned to gold when she walked downstairs on her way out the door! It was that moment I learned the definition of #hattitude and I wanted it! To this day, whenever I wear hats, I smile, cock my hat to the side and whisper "I got you mom." I'd like to think it keeps me connected to her. #TheConfidentHat #KeepnItClassy #HatsAreSexy ​#HatsAreMyHistory #MyCrownStory

"Hear my crown story."

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